Yesterday the Victorian Government announced that local government elections would go ahead. These important elections are just a few months away.

The kind of councillors who are elected will make a difference to the work-life of every ASU member who works in local government.

The ASU will support candidates who support you.

To identify candidates who will support workers and communities, the ASU has developed a pledge that we are asking candidates to sign.

The pledge asks them to commit to working for a better standard of living for working people, to preserve public services, and to stand up for secure jobs and good wages. We are also asking them to commit to campaigning for paid pandemic leave.

You can download the pledge here.

We have already sent the pledge to sitting councillors, and we will send it to new candidates as they are identified.

Importantly, we will support candidates who support you.

We will promote candidates who share our commitment to local government workers and ask that you vote for them in the upcoming election.

But you can’t vote for a good candidate if you can’t vote.

If you have moved house in the last couple of years, you may need to update your electoral enrolment so you can vote in the council elections. You can check your registration here.

And if you have only just turned 18, you may need to register for the first time to have a say.

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