The ASU is there by your side when there is an issue at work. And at dozens of councils across Victoria, we working with delegates and member to get a better deal for ASU member in enterprise agreements.

Every ASU member is unique, and every workplace is different. So where’s there’s bargaining this year each member of the Australian Services Union will have a real say on their next enterprise agreement.

To better protect workers in an increasingly dangerous world, the ASU has already developed new claims for upcoming enterprise agreement negotiations.

And there will be workplace specific claims too because there are unique issues that need to be addressed to improve worker’s conditions.

In preparation for enterprise agreement negotiations, ASU Organisers are out meeting with members. And they are signing up new members too.

So if enterprise agreement negotiations are on the horizon at your workplace, get along to one of the ASU members meetings and encourage a workmate who isn’t yet a member of our union to join up.  It’s easy for anyone to join at

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