Major changes at work can be difficult to navigate, but the ASU is by your side with expert advice and industrial support.

With upcoming changes in rostering, loss of the PARC’s, and redundancies, it’s a very challenging time for ASU members. These changes at ERMHA365 naturally create uncertainty, but the union is here to help.

The ASU is here to help

The ASU is here to support you through these changes, we understand major change doesn’t only affect your work-life but your personal life too.

If you need advice or support with the changes that are happening at work don’t hesitate to contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on or 1300 855 570, our industrial support team is there to help with industrial service and support.

Sticking together at work makes a difference

During difficult times, it’s important workers stick together and support each other. Workplace solidarity and mutual support always benefit workers during times of change.

So keep in contact with your ASU delegates about the changes at ERMHA365 and be there for workmates who may benefit from a kind word or a shoulder to lean on.

Community Sector Workers are Essential Not Expendable

ERMHA 365 is not the only mental health organisation struggling. There are big structural problems in the funding of the community sector that affect organisations and workers.

Support from community sector organisations for the ASU’s Essential Not Expendable campaign will aid our campaign for sector sustainability, longer funding terms, secure employment & workplace fairness. For more information on the campaign click here.

If you need assistance or advice about any of the changes at ERMHA365:
Contact the ASU Member Contact Centre at

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