Thanks again to everyone who made the Valuing Care under COVID 19 delegates meeting on April 1st.

We made some great united progress to kick start a strong campaign to protect the safety and conditions of in-home aged care workers and the communities they look after. Good job!

Let’s not lose any momentum on this!

A letter to Council CEO’s from the ASU was sent yesterday demanding an urgent response to your claims. You can download the letter here.

If you have not yet had a response to your claims, ask your delegate to seek feedback from management about your claims? If so, please forward to

Our next Home-Care Delegates meeting to plan our next steps will be held on:

DATE: Tuesday 21 April
TIME:  5.00pm

Go here to join the meeting:
Or enter the meeting ID: 411 785 095

And if you don’t have video capability or the app you can call one of these numbers to join:

+61 2 8015 6011 Australia
+61 3 7018 2005 Australia
+61 731 853 730 Australia
+61 861 193 900 Australia
+61 8 7150 1149 Australia

For instructions on setting up zoom on your phone or computer please refer to my previous newsletter or contact me directly. It’s so easy!

To prepare for our next meeting, make sure you organise all-staff member meetings for your workplace to discuss the claims and start strategizing how they can be implemented.

If you want to talk through how to run a member meeting or you need technical help to coordinate it through Zoom, I’m available Tue – Wed to help (contact details at bottom).

Locating and reaching out to your Health and Safety Representatives is a really good way to get those risk assessments started and make sure your workplace is complying with Occupational Health & Safety regulations as well.

Now is an important time to collectively push for these claims, so encourage your non-member colleagues to join the union so we can win them together!

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | 0490 450 169

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