Some time ago the state government announced their new public sector wages policy. 

The most a public sector worker can hope for under this policy is 2.5% for a one-year rollover agreement. And for an agreement of more than one year, there is a maximum pay increase available of 2% per year.

Just a few weeks ago the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal awarded state politicians wage increases of up to 11.8%.

This is an outrageous increase and the ASU called on state politicians to reject the increases they have been granted if they are not prepared to amend the state government wages policy to reflect the increases they have just been awarded.

Simply put, they should only accept a 2% maximum increase if they don’t offer you, as a hard-working public sector worker, the same increase that they have been granted.

Let us know know what you think about the wage increase that the state MPs have just received

What about MP Pay Rises??

  • To maintain pressure on Victorian members of parliament on the unfair state wages policy, we are asking you to share your thoughts on the large pay rises MPs have received. Responses may be posted to ASU social media accounts but the name of the ASU member making a comment will NOT be used.

Your responses will be anonymised and used for ASU social media aimed at pressuring the state government to either reject their outrageous wage increase or increase the wage offer they are prepared to make to you.

If you have any workmates who are yet to join the ASU you can direct them to and they can join online.

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