As members will be aware, a key part of the EA resolution, included City of Melbourne committing to consult with you and your union on the introduction of a Schedule A Remuneration Policy to be introduced by December this year. This is to address the unfair pay structure in place (only!) at COM!

The ASU and other Unions were due to discuss the issue of the Schedule A Remuneration Policy with People and Culture leadership at the November Staff Consultative Committee meeting. However, P&C management didn’t show up to the meeting!

Your union reps asked for the meeting to be rescheduled to ensure Union members like you and staff are consulted on the development of the Remuneration Policy. CoM has refused to reschedule the Staff Consultative Committee and advised the next meeting is in February next year.

As a result, the ASU wrote to CEO Justin Hanney on Friday to raise a dispute because this lack of consultation is in breach of the enterprise agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding that we signed in good faith in the resolution of the enterprise agreement.

Union members like you have developed a constructive and sensible proposal as to how the Remuneration Policy can be introduced. More information can about this can be found here: Schedule-A-Remuneration-Policy-003-002.pdf (

You can help amplify this important message! Sign the petition here and pass it on!

As your employer has said they won’t attend meetings, we have set up a petition for members and supporters to sign and send a message to COM management in support of the Unions Remuneration Policy proposal. Can you sign the petition and share with your colleagues?

If you have any thoughts about this latest development, please share your views with ASU delegates or email

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