TasWater has halted enterprise bargaining and is planning on putting their offer to the vote; ignoring other claims we had on the table and not moving on their wage offer! They believe it’s a good offer – do you?

Your bargaining team does not believe the offer is satisfactory and are recommending a NO VOTE!

In summary the remuneration offer is:
– a 3 year agreement
– Increases of: 2% per year
– Increases to super of 0.5% per year (in line with Government increase)

With Tasmania’s CPI trending upwards and TasWater annual reports showing that over the period 2016 to 2020, the TasWater board has approved increases to the CEOs pay of over 24% or $115,876, the current offer is an insult!

Professionals Australia have put together a short survey to gauge members’ feedback. ASU members are also able to access the survey.  Let us know your thoughts here:

The ASU will be holding meetings to further discuss the offer and next steps.  We have arranged a WebEx meeting for anyone who cannot attend in person.  Please spread the word and try and attend!

DATE: Tuesday 27 July
LOCATION: Moonah Depot (Lunch room)
TIME: 9.15am

DATE: Tuesday 27 July
LOCATION: Oatlands Depot
TIME: 11.30am

DATE: Tuesday 27 July
LOCATION: Charles Street, Launceston (Meander Valley Room)
TIME: 3.00pm

WEBEX MEETING:                       

DATE:Tuesday 27 July 2021
TIME: 3.00pm
Meeting number (access code): 8854 549 5284

Join meeting

Tap to call in from a mobile device (attendees only)

Join from a video conferencing system or application

DATE: Thursday 29 July
LOCATION: Forth Depot
TIME: 10.00am
NOTE:  Ulverstone Staff welcome to attend this meeting

DATE: Thursday 29 July
LOCATION: Steele Street, Devonport (Lunch Room)
TIME: 11.30am

ALL welcome!  Please share this notice and invite your colleagues!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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