The ASU has raised a dispute with TasWater concerning the RDO pattern associated with members working from home on a Flexible Work Arrangement and their subsequent loss of reimbursement of RDOs if they fall on a public holiday.

TasWater has offered a resolution to the dispute, however, we are seeking member’s input before reaching an agreement. We have some impacted members who have already contacted us, and we are now trying to identify any other members who may also be impacted.

At this stage, the issue only seems to be affecting office-based workers who have recently negotiated Flexible Working Arrangements with a change to RDO patterns. The issue first arose when a member’s RDO recently fell on a Public Holiday and they were advised by TasWater that they would not be entitled to take a substitute RDO.

To discuss this issue, and to gain your feedback, ASU Organiser Karen Tantari will be holding an online meeting via Microsoft Teams as follows:

DATE: Wednesday 23 June
TIME: 3pm

The ASU needs to be able to gain your feedback on the proposed resolution before moving forward and either accepting TasWater’s offer or proceeding to Fair Work for a determination.

Please join the Microsoft Teams meeting and encourage your colleagues to attend as well. Feel free to share this meeting notice.

Not a member of the ASU, but would like to attend the meeting and have your input? Please join ASU here:

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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