Nothing is more important than being safe at work and coming home at the end of the day.

The ASU places a priority on Work Health & Safety and an important part of this work is monitoring the appointment and training of elected Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs).

WH&S Specialist Officer, Mick Van Beek, has recently written to all major employers of ASU members in Tasmania requesting a list of Designated Work Groups & Health & Safety Representatives as well as other WH&S information.

Employers were asked to provide the Australian Services Union with an updated list of current Health & Safety Representatives and Deputies.

The ASU also requested information the date of election for each HSR, the name of the Designated Work Groups and the current status of training for each Health and Safety Rep across the organisation.

Additionally, the union asked employers whether they have a current Health and Safety Committee, which complies with the relevant legislation.

The election of HSRs and formation of Health & Safety Committees are an important to making sure the safety of all employees in the workplace is the priority.

Where we find that a workplace does not have Health and Safety Representatives or a Health and Safety Committee we will make sure these deficiencies are corrected.

If you want any more information or advice contact ASU Occupational Health and Safety Officer Mick Van Beek on 0438 133 363.

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