The ASU is collecting member’s thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic and information about how it has affected your work for our friends at Unions Tasmania and The Centre for Future Work.

You can help to shape the Tasmanian union movement’s submission to the State Government by completing our short survey. You’ll be helping us set our priorities at the ASU as well.

Important aspects of the survey ask about:

  • How do we make your workplace better?
  • How do we make Tasmania better for workers?
  • Has COVID19 changed your views on or at work?

The last few months have seen workers everywhere, including ASU members, face challenges of job insecurity, risks to secure income, the threat of erosion of entitlements and risks to your health and safety at work.

We have been by your side throughout it all, working to keep members in jobs, address your concerns at work, lobbying for support and keeping you informed.

We are committed to improving conditions for ASU members coming out of this pandemic, so we are asking for your views.

Share the survey with your non-member colleagues and encourage them to join you in your union as a member of the ASU.

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