The Government’s Review Board has released Community Catchment Information packs that propose a number of amalgamation and shared service scenarios. Workers have a huge stake in the Future of Local Government Review.

Workers are being invited to consultation sessions being run by LGAT from next week. The ASU has written to all General Managers and requested that staff be supported to attend relevant sessions in paid time. For some staff that may mean attending 3 different catchment sessions and considering up to 6 different amalgamation scenarios and shared service proposals.

Which catchment am I in? Check here.

Amalgamation and Shared Service Scenarios Links
Community Catchment Information packs (amalgamation scenarios)
Shared Services (e.g. Rates, charges and permit, ICT, Legal services, Human resource management, Procurement, Full cycle waste management, Regulatory services, Asset construction and maintenance, Regional strategies and promotion)
State and Local Government Partnerships (E.g. Service Tas, Government Hotline taking work off councils )
Supporting strong and empowered local communities (Discussions on Unincorporated areas, representation, job security)

LGAT Worker Consultation Sessions (Start Monday)
To register or find the session details for the catchment(s) that include your council click on this link

Not supported to attend? Can’t make it? Feel left out? Far to travel?
SIGN THE PETITION asking the Minister to intervene and provide consultation sessions in every council area:

How to make a submission to the Board
Can you get together with your colleagues and collectively make a submission? Speak to your ASU Organiser for support. Click this link to access the Board’s submissions page

ASU Resources
ASU 1 page briefing paper about risks of amalgamation and centralised services.
Workplace Flyers
Posters that can be distributed within the community (businesses, sporting clubs, noticeboards)
ASU community leaflet (note you can request a quantity of these be mailed to you from
ASU Stage 2 full submission

*The ASU will also be mailing leaflets and packs of the flyers to worksite Delegates. If you haven’t got a Delegate or want copies of any of the above, email

How you can get involved:

How to find contact details for Members of Parliament:
Thanks to the pressure applied by your union, workers and communities the Minister has ruled out making changes to councils using obscure powers under the Local Government Act 1993 s214 and stated any changes will be subject to passing Parliament. The Minister will receive the Board’s final report on 30 October. You can contact MPs with questions or concerns you have using these contact lists (printable versions available):

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For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate, Local Organiser or
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor |
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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