All five Tasmanian ASU representatives attended the Australian Labor Party State Conference in Hobart last month to exercise our voting rights and to contribute to policy positions for the Labor Party moving forward.

ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman and ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre moved motions in support of Tasmanian ASU members and both motions were carried by party members.

Kath’s motion called on Tasmanian Labor to fight to ensure adequate, secure and long term funding of Tasmania’s vital mental health services, whether in opposition or in government. The current NDIS funding model is causing significant issues for ASU members in this area as well as for the organisations providing the support. Significant changes need to be made to the funding model to ensure these services can continue to employ Tasmanian staff and provide the vital services which their clients require.

Aaron’s motion ensures that Tasmanian Labor does everything they can to ensure that financial support for big businesses in Tasmania, where Tasmanian State Government funds are being used, is only provided where there is a concrete and enforceable commitment to provide jobs that Tasmanian workers can count on. In recent years we have seen a number of significant cases where the Hodgman Liberal Government has provided millions of dollars of Tasmanian money to huge companies following which jobs have then been shipped interstate or overseas anyway, resulting in job losses in Tasmania.

The ASU also supported a motion calling on a future Labor state government to provide increased recurrent government funding for Tasmania’s remaining 20 Online Access Centres. The Tasmanian Liberal Party has recently discussed significantly reducing funding for these services and the ASU has now joined with Online Access Centre staff to actively campaign for funding security to ensure that the 20% of Tasmanians without internet access can continue to use this vital service.

The ASU, being an affiliated union with the Australian Labor Party, will always use our conference votes to support motions which benefit Tasmanian workers. If you are a financial ALP member and would be interested in attending next year’s state conference as an ASU representative please get in touch with ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre via email at

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