Bargaining is set to commence for your new Enterprise Agreement with the first meeting scheduled for 11am this Thursday 23 May.

ASU Officials and Delegates will be representing ASU members at the bargaining table.

The ASU has reviewed the proposed Enterprise Agreement document and we are currently formulating a draft Log of Claims to present at the bargaining table.

The ASU Log of Claims is being compiled though feedback from members and a review of the current and proposed agreement with a view to the final EA document providing TAC employees with an Enterprise Agreement that supports best practice employment conditions and entitlements.

So far the ASU Draft Log of claims contains the following claims.

  • No reduction of Current Conditions and entitlements
  • Disputes Clause to encompass all work-related matters
    To ensure best practice many ASU covered employers have increased the scope of their disputes clause so that it covers a greater number of matters than the bare minimum model clause from the Fair Work Regulations. We seek to include ‘any work-related matters’ in the scope of this clause so that an independent umpire ( The Fair Work Commission ) can assist with disputes on a broader range of items if required.
  • Consultation to occur prior to a definite decision being made.
    An employer is not able to genuinely consult with their employees around major change following a definite decision having already been made. The ASU believes that consultation is a process which occurs prior to, not after, the making of a decision. It should involve real listening on both sides and should afford an opportunity for affected employees to provide alternate solutions and affect real change throughout the process. We request a change to the consultation clause to ensure that the consultation process is commenced following an “in-principle decision”.
  • The Implementation of a Joint Consultative Committee
    A JCC would ensure that there is effective workplace consultation around all important workplace issues. A JCC would meet on a regular basis to discuss matters that sit outside the Enterprise Agreement such as proposed changes to workplace policies and workload issues.
  • To include the ASU Best Practice Family Violence Leave clause and provide 20 days paid family violence leave for all employees to assist with removing themselves from the dangerous situation. The time for action on family violence leave is now. In the past few years there has been significant progress on the provision of family violence leave and we now have more than 20 ASU covered Tasmanian employers who provide paid family violence leave and others currently actively bargaining around this item. This leave is vitally important for the safety and wellbeing of your employees and the tide has definitely turned on this broad acceptance of this clause. Family violence should be seen as a workplace issue. Employees experiencing family violence are unlikely to be working at their full potential and are likely to be utilising their personal leave and annual leave entitlements to offset the violence being experienced at home. We believe that TAC should include up to 20 days of paid leave to provide the time needed, without loss of pay, to relocate, seek legal assistance, provide care and support and seek counselling themselves to deal with the issues which present as a result. In addition, the ASU model clause provides for changed phone and email address, changes in work location and times, etc. as applicable and as possible. This leave could very well save the life of one of your employees and we have had zero complaints of misuse in any of the organisations in which we have bargained this entitlement into an agreement.
  • The provision of paid leave for Union Delegate training.
  • A review of the Superannuation provision to ensure best practice.
  • A review of the Parental leave provision to ensure best practice
  • The inclusion of paid Ceremonial leave and Study Leave provisions.

If you have any queries or if you have any claims that you would like to add to the ASU log please contact ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman via

We will keep members updated as bargaining progresses.

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