Members of the Australian Services Union fill critical roles in the delivery of essential services across our state.

The ASU’s focus in these industries, as with all others, has been to prioritise the work health and safety of members and minimising disruption to ongoing employment.

The union values every single job performed by members and we are working to keep ongoing employment wherever we can.

The ASU is calling on all employers to do the right thing by their staff and not stand down staff during these uncertain times.

All employers have a responsibility to do everything they can to maintain jobs during these uncertain times.

We have written to dozens of employers throughout Tasmania and asked that they guarantee pay to those workers who are unlucky enough to be stood down at any point during this crisis and we will act to ensure good outcomes for members where employers aren’t minded to assist.

In the local government sector, we have been directly engaging with general managers, councillors and the peak body (LGAT) around support for a wage subsidy.

And in the social and community services sector we’ve had multiple conversations with peak bodies as well.

We’re still working hard on a number of enterprise agreements in Tasmania and are still attending to a significant number of individual issues with members around the state.

Despite COVID-19, we’re here, by your side.

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