The ASU is extremely concerned by reports that bullying has been occurring at SHRCC and continues to occur without challenge.

The union does not and will not condone workplace bullying in any form.

To confront any such misbehaviour the ASU is keen to meet with staff to identify any occurrences and take the matter further – firstly to Senior Management, then if no satisfaction, to the appropriate forum (Work Safe, Fair Work Commission, etc.)

To confront workplace bullying, the union requires members/potential members to STAND UP AND SPEAK UP to us, so we can change things.

First step – ASU Officials Meeting with staff
Do you support this action?

If so please let ASU workplace delegates Wal St. Clair, Dan Kennedy, Barry Ilsley, Greg Critchley, Shane Brown, Anthony Kirsten or Romany Adcock know and we will arrange meeting/s.

Only our combined action will change culture and stop bullying, if it is happening!

View our workplace bullying flyer here

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