Unfortunately, some areas of Swan Hill Rural City management are unaware of – or are deliberately ignoring – the legal rights for ASU members to be represented by their union.

This factsheet spells out these entitlements very clearly.

In short, every ASU member has union protection and has access to ASU representation at any meeting with management, should they so wish.

This includes representation by local work area ASU Delegates, who have delegated authority from the ASU Branch Secretary.

It is encouraging that CEO John McLinden has finally confirmed that this is the case, and the ASU calls on Mr McLinden to ensure that all SHRCC management representatives are educated on and uphold these principles.

View your rights here.

Please let any prospective ASU members know, so they won’t be at risk from potential management bullying or harassment.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Danny Harris | dharris@asuvictas.com.au

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