Recently, members have raised queries regarding their rights and their entitlements relating to Position Descriptions, Annual Reviews and End of Band payments.

Your ASU Enterprise Agreement (EA) contains provisions which support you as union members, including these matters.

  1. Position Descriptions (PD): Part A: Clause 4.9 provides that your PD is reviewed AT LEAST ANNUALLY to make sure it is accurate. Also, all changes to the PD must be agreed & signed off by you. (NOTE: members can seek a review of their position & classification any time & get assistance from ASU if there has been a significant change to their job);
  2. Annual Review (AR): Part B: Clause 21 provides that you are assessed at least annually to review that you: (a) achieve skills (if needed and IF AGREED BY YOU); (b) meet AGREED performance objectives; (c) provided satisfactory service over last 12 months. (NOTE: Importantly, do not accept warnings for poor performance if you do not agree with them – this can be used against you at AR time);
  3. End of Band payments (EOB): Clause 4.4 provides that you are entitled to $800-00 or 1.5% salary increase (indexed by EA 2% p.a. pay rise) if full-time (pro-rata for part-time staff).
  4. NOTE: There is no provision for the employer to ‘mark you down’ & offer you a partial payment. ASU is concerned that this practice has been used to pressure members to accept less than they are entitled to & not challenge review outcomes: if you are unable to meet targets/objectives due to circumstances beyond your control, you are entitled to challenge the outcome.

As an ASU member, you are part of the team which successfully negotiated these favourable work conditions & you deserve to receive your full entitlements.

If your employer is not conducting your Annual Review, reviewing your Position Description or paying your increment (Band progression or End of Band) in line with the above, they are in breach of the EA.

If this is the case, please contact your local ASU workplace delegate for advice & assistance.

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