The CEO told you in a recent video that “you won’t have enough money to retire on to have a comfortable living” and Council proposes to “trade-off” pay increases for superannuation.

What the CEO did not tell you is that Council has put their final offer on the table of 1.5% including 0.5% that must go into superannuation. Under your current agreement, you get an extra 0.5% per year in superannuation or you can choose to take it as an increase to your pay, under the proposed agreement you will have no choice.

The CEO says that he is concerned about the welfare of staff in retirement but what he did not tell you is that it is cheaper for Council to put an extra 0.5% into superannuation than to pay it as a pay increase.

This is a lousy offer. Most of you will get pay increases of less than $16 per week, per year. Click here for your payrates

Other rural Councils have offered minimum pay increases which are much higher than the increases you are being offered:

  • Greater Shepparton City Council – $28 per week
  • Moira Shire Council – between $26 and $28 per week
  • Moorabool Shire Council – $27.50 per week
  • Corangamite Shire Council – $27.50 per week

We will be holding members meetings to get your feedback on the offer. All ASU members are urged to attend.

11am Robinvale Resource Centre

7:30am Depot
9am Swan Hill Library
11am Pioneer Settlement
1pm Home Care & Regulatory Services
5pm via Zoom

Together we are stronger. Pass this info on to a co-worker and ask them to join the ASU at

For further information please contact an ASU delegate or
ASU Member Contact Centre | | 1300 855 570

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