Recently the CEO put out a video message about the enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) negotiations which we believed contained false and misleading information.

The ASU lodged an application in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to get this addressed. Last Friday the parties had a conference at FWC with Deputy President Gostencnik. The outcome of the conference was that the Deputy President issued a statement.

We urge all ASU members to read the statement that can be downloaded here.

Councils offer of a 1% pay increase and 0.5% increase in superannuation per year has been rejected by ASU members.

The current draft EBA is silent on if or how defined benefits members would receive an extra 0.5% and we are waiting for Council to clarify that point.

When the agreement goes out to the vote we will be urging all staff to VOTE NO – the pay increase is still too low and you should be given a choice of whether you want to take it as superannuation or not.

The CEO says he is concerned about your income in retirement, but he will not agree to:

  • pay superannuation on the federal governments paid parental leave; or
  • pay superannuation on unpaid parental leave

All of which would improve superannuation outcomes, particularly for women who on average have 30% less superannuation than men.

Also, Council will not agree to paid infectious disease leave while at the same time trying to reduce your accrued annual leave and accrued time in lieu, which some staff have had to rely on during COVID.

We will provide further information prior to the vote.

If you have any queries please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on or 1300 855 570.

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