Launch Housing staff have commenced a vote to take protected industrial action as Launch refuse to undertake a classification review.

The ASU recently successfully applied to the Fair Work Commission for a Protected Action Ballot for members employed at Launch. Whilst industrial action isn’t common in the community sector, ASU members at Launch Housing feel like they’ve tried negotiating and need to show the employer they mean business.

Launch Housing is a large growing housing and homelessness service, but its almost 400-strong workforce are being denied the right to a classification review through Enterprise Bargaining. Launch keep stating that all staff are correctly classified, but refuse to provide any specifics on how the classifications have been determined.

In what the ASU believe is another attempt to avoid a classification review and any associated costs, Launch has now put a very low pay offer on the table. Members remain firm they are seeking a classification review and that this is separate from any pay increases members have requested.

ASU members at Launch are beyond frustrated with Launch management; they are angry that their legitimate classifications concerns are being ignored. Launch can avoid disruptive industrial action by agreeing to a classification review and a fair deal.

A recent survey of ASU members at Launch determined over 95% of members support taking protected industrial action. Through a strong dedicated team of ASU delegates and consistently high union density, Launch members are sticking together to try and achieve the best outcomes possible through Enterprise negotiations.

Launch delegates have asked for sector support in their fight for fairness and are asking ASU members to email messages of solidarity. These can be sent via ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell at

United we bargain but divided we beg!

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