ASU members at Glenorchy City Council recently took the drastic step of stopping work in the pursuit of a better outcome at the bargaining table.

These workers haven’t seen a single pay rise in almost two years. Last year, their employer unilaterally applied a wage freeze (a cut in real terms).

They had to take their employer to the Fair Work Commission just to get them to the bargaining table, and Council’s response to the vast majority of their fair and reasonable claims was a big fat “NO”.

At the same time, as these members were suffering through a wage freeze, Tasmanian Councillors received increases of 4.3%.

These members want the right to bargain for fair and reasonable pay rises and job security in good faith.  And they want to stop the exploitation of labour-hire within their workforce.

Since taking this stop work action, Council has returned to the bargaining table with a refreshed approach and has begun bargaining to find workable solutions.

Sometimes it takes significant action, such as a stop work, to get an employer to see that members really mean what they say.

With strong ASU membership, employer’s can’t ignore the wished of their workforce.

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