Council advised the ASU that the last offer they made on 6 July is their final offer.

This offer does not meet several priorities ASU members have consistently advised the bargaining group on – more detail on that offer here:

We provided members’ feedback to council, that a vast majority of members have rejected this offer.

Council decided to go back to FWC to discuss this, today we participated in a 3.5-hour conference on members’ behalf and in good faith.

The outcome of Fair Work was that council is open to amending its offer. We will receive this in writing on 8 August.

It is not 100% clear yet what this is, but it appears it may include council removing some of their claims, whilst retaining others.

We will be back at FWC on 17 August to update on any progress reached.

Today we have also taken the step, to lodge a ballot to FWC, to ballot our members formally to take protected industrial action. This step was supported by a strong majority of ASU members attending recent meetings.

There are a few hoops to jump through to do this, and we know members will have lots of questions – please see the fact sheet we’ve put together here. Please share this around.

We’ll be back in touch as soon as we know more about council’s position and when the protected action ballot might open.

For further information please contact:
ASU Deputy Secretary Tash Wark | 0418 424 052 |

It’s quick and easy to join the ASU at – pass on the link to a co-worker today

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