The ASU bargaining group commenced negotiation meetings last week for your new Enterprise Agreement (EA) at Stonnington.

Council foregrounded their broad financial position, stating that COVID had a big impact. The ASU requested a further breakdown of the finance info provided verbally by council. We will share this with members once provided with details.

The ASU asserted that Stonnington workers have kept council going – providing essential services to the community through lockdowns, relief programs and recovery efforts. Workers know times are tough and want to see secure, quality in house jobs and fair pay rises – not wage freezes, outsourcing and insecure work.

Stonnington presented their employer log with a quick run through, further background or clarification needed on some items. Select points are below or whole log is here.

  • Add provisions allowing Stonnington to engage Employees under main EA where an appendix would otherwise apply
  • Employee Flexibility – “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow”
  • Dispute resolution – add exception for matters relating to termination of employment.
  • Increase spread of hours to be 5am – 11pm Monday to Sunday
  • Update maximum hours a day from 9 hours to 11 hours
  • New clause – Stand Down of Employees and Annual Close Down
  • Redundancy and Redeployment changes
  • Delete Special Carers Leave
  • Merge Malvern Valley Golf Course and Parks Services Appendix
  • Merge Street Cleansing Services, Waste Collection Waste Disposal Appendix
  • Remove unlimited sick leave for Waste Collection

Meetings to develop the ASU log of claims continue next week. More details here – come along and bring others with you! You can also complete our quick survey on what matters most to you

ASU Bargaining Group
Anne Syer (Childcare)
Bradley Weller (Waste)
Christine Durham (Community Care)
Dalique Knight (Planning & Place)
Darcy Kendler (Infrastructure Maintenance)
Hugh McKinnon (Aquatics) – Appendix Only
Janet Owens (Libraries)
Maureen Costigan (Depot)
Michael Cimjack (Building)
Nicole Murray (Parks)
Steven Robertson (Waste)
Vicky Hartley (Community Care)
William Rief (Planning)

Chat to a workmate who isn’t yet a member of our union about the importance of joining the ASU to get a better deal in the EA. It’s easy for anyone to join online at

For further information please contact: your ASU Delegate or
ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark | 0418 424 052 |

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