Council wants to pay workers less for working longer hours while withdrawing their agreement to better redundancy provisions. All union members need to share this with others and be ready to step up when the time comes.

The ASU bargaining group has been working hard on large volumes of material for your Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations. Bargaining has continued weekly to fortnightly, with a gap several weeks ago due to council availability, which they advised was unforeseeable.

Council has made some small concessions on some of their claims recently. However, the ASU is frustrated to report that Stonnington has withdrawn their agreement on redundancy improvements, reverting their offer to EA10 standards. The previous offer increased redundancy accrual rate, no cap and increased lump sum. We’ve sought a detailed costing from council on this and the EA package overall so we can respond to your questions on this change.

Council proposes pushing out the spread of hours 2 hours later to 8pm finish time for workers not covered by an appendix. This has potential flow-on effects for other arrangements, eg overtime. Council have been very clear – they want to provide extended service to the community. Their proposal sees workers absorbing the cost of this.

The ASU bargaining group continues to work on:

  • Annualised Salaries (AS): gathering advice from workgroups, reviewing calculations recently provided by council to separate base rates and allowances for each appendix covered by an AS.
  • Ensuring council adequately responds to ASU log of claims you endorsed.
  • Responding to council’s log and the detailed changes they propose to make to EA10: these have changed a number of times.

The ASU will meet with delegates this week, and schedule member meetings soon to discuss more detail with you.

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