The ASU received notification from Stonnington City Council that they are planning to undertake a uniform review for outdoor staff and would be setting up a uniform committee to trial different uniforms e.g. long sleeve/long pants.

The ASU wrote to Stonnington after delegates and members raised concerns about the lack of consultation on this issue and requested an urgent members meeting, reluctantly they have agreed and Assistant Branch Secretary Melissa Wainwright will conduct the meetings.

DATE: Thursday 24 September
TIME: 10.30am
VENUE: Tooronga Depot, Training Room

Due to current restrictions, we can meet during your lunch break or at the cessation of your shift, with only 9 members in the room at a time.

We will discuss what actions have taken place so far under the current Enterprise Agreement – Clause 5 Dispute resolution.

We will keep members fully updated so please keep an eye out for further updates.

Your ASU Delegates:
Anne Syer, Bradley Weller, Christine Durham, David Smith, Janet Owens, Maureen Costigan, Michael Watkins, Michael Cimjack, Shannon Smith, Vicky Hartley, William (Liam) Gowans-Rief

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact: One of your ASU Delegates or
ASU Organiser Emma Bagg |

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