Council made an error in the offer put to the ASU last week, which they have just sent through an amendment.

Spoiler Alert – it’s not an improvement.

Please see the amended version available here

We have maintained our response in the meeting with council today that the offer is not acceptable as:

  • It does not provide for a 2021 pay rise (by offering a sign-on bonus vs pay increase)
  • It pushes out the expiry into a 4-year arrangement (which is basically a new claim from council)

In good faith, we will bring this to member meetings scheduled for this afternoon and tomorrow for further discussion.

ICYMI, more info on the meetings here:

At this stage and due to other lack of progress on a range of items we have advised council that we will be pushing on with our listing at Fair Work Commission next week to seek that they bargain in good faith.

Any questions – please come along to a meeting, talk to your ASU Delegate or contact:
ASU Acting Deputy Secretary Tash Wark | | 0418 424 052

Want the best outcome possible in your EA? We’re stronger together – talk to your co-workers and encourage them to get on board with the ASU at

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