Following the last round of members meetings, the ASU put a counter proposal back to managements last offer – see here.

Management has now provided a wage package proposal to the position the ASU put back to council.

The revised wage offer includes:

  • 1.8% or $30, whichever is higher, back paid to 1 July 2021 (vs a sign on bonus)
  • 2% or $30 annually thereafter to 1 July 2024

Changes to conditions include:

  • Increase to initial lump sum if worker is made redundant to $7,500 ($5k currently) – retains current EA $5k payment after 15 years’ service and offer to increase redundancy pay cap to 48 weeks

All other terms in offer remain the same, see more detail here.

Note: Appendix finalisation date is not correct in document – ASU is seeking draft appendix wording from council, timeline TBC.

Council is still offering this on basis the Enterprise Agreement runs to 30 June 2025.

We will be making member meeting times to discuss this with you next week.

Please talk to others in your work area – we are getting down to the line on what happens next!

ICYMI, here’s more info on council’s last offer

Any questions – please talk to your local ASU workplace delegate or contact
ASU Acting Deputy Secretary Tash Wark | | 0418 424 052

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