The ASU now has a listing at the Fair Work Commission for 15 June, for good faith bargaining orders due to the delays in your new Enterprise Agreement (EA) being finalised.

Since receiving the listing, council has provided an amended offer that increases pay rises and improves a number of forms of leave.

This offer comes on the condition from council that the EA has a longer spread of hours for workers covered by the main EA provisions and an increase in maximum daily hours of work.

See the new offer here for more details

We have set up meeting times below to consult with members about what this means for you, and get your feedback.

Your ASU bargaining group has given initial firm feedback that backpay is preferable (and more financially beneficial) to a sign-on bonus, and that staff should not be worse off due to the delays in finalising the EA.

Council is due to confirm a range of other items by end of this week, including the exact status of a range of partly finalised clause drafting and claims.

The ASU is reviewing our log also for any additional items that require resolution.

We want to discuss all of this with members ASAP to get your feedback.

Please come along to one of the times set up below to have your say!

Indoor/Office-based Members Meetings

Wed 8 June 3:30 – 4:30pm : Online Zoom Meeting

Thursday 9 June 09:00-10:00am : Online Zoom Meeting

Depot-based Members Meetings

 Thursday 9 June

04:30-05:30am Waste – rear/side loaders

07:00-08:00am Parks/ Golf Course / Infrastructure / Fleet / Transfer Station

10:30 – 11:30am Waste – solo operators

Any questions – please come along to a meeting, talk to your local ASU workplace delegate or contact
ASU Acting Deputy Secretary Tash Wark | | 0418 424 052

Want the best outcome possible in your EA?

Talk to your co-workers and encourage them to get on board with the ASU at

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