For most people, the way we work is different from how it was just a month ago.

Through this time of change and uncertainty, the ASU is here by your side with advice and help when you need it.

Working from Home
Working from home every day is a new thing for most people.

Here are 5 expert tips for working from home in a crowded house during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Create workstations
  • Designate a work-free zone
  • Take scheduled breaks
  • Integrate physical and creative activities
  • Establish a firm quitting time

Up to date resources on staying safe while working at home are available here.

Working Outside Your Home
The coronavirus has also changed things for people that still head to their usual workplace each day.

If you are working outside your home, you should:

  • Stay at least 1.5 -2 metres from other people. If this is not possible you should be wearing a mask.
  • cover your mouth with a tissue or sneeze/cough into an elbow.
  • dispose of tissues, paper towel, etc, into closed bins immediately after use
  • Do not hot-desk or share keyboards and mice. Wipe down shared equipment with disposable disinfectant wipes
  • Stay at home if unwell, even with mild symptoms such as headaches and slight running nose
  • If you believe you are able to do your work from home, see your Health and Safety Representative to raise this with your employer. If you do not have an HSR, then take the matter up yourself.

Staying Safe at Work
If you are concerned about your safety at work, speak to your Health and Safety Representative or contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on or 1300 855 570.

P.S. Check out this short video on taking care of your mental health during the current pandemic

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