The state government have announced today that they plan to explore private sector involvement in VicRoads.

After over twelve months of speculation and advocacy by your union, the ASU is concerned about what this may mean for long term impacts on staff at VicRoads.

The ASU understands that:

  1. staff will not be required to move to the joint venture.
  2. That all staff will retain their position on “terms that are no less favourable” and that staff will be able to choose to stay at VicRoads or to seek employment in the public sector/service, the process for any transfer wasn’t outlined. This process will be one of the matters for discussion between the ASU and the state government.
  3. That no VicRoads offices will be closed in the near future.

One of the key reasons provided for this move was the need to invest in IT and technology upgrades. The ASU agree that additional investment in IT and digital services at VicRoads is desperately needed. However, we do not agree that contracting out this responsibility and risk to the private sector, along with the loyal and professional staff need to go with it.

The State Government have made assurances that the union will be involved as the development proceeds. At this stage, there is still much unknown, including who your employer will be. This question remains unanswered.

Next steps
The ASU has sought urgent meetings with members to discuss and seek your feedback. What we will always advocate is that VicRoads staff deserve certainty and job security, especially following your heroic efforts during the worst parts of the COVID-19 pandemic, going over and above to keep this vital service running.

The ASU will continue to fight to ensure that you maintain your conditions of employment, your enterprise agreement was only yesterday signed off by the ASU and the Department of Transport and has been sent to Fair Work Australia for approval.

If you have any questions about this announcement please contact your ASU delegate or the ASU member contact centre at

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