When the Victorian Government announced the merger of City West Water and Western Water to form Greater Western Water, workers were promised no jobs would be lost and no worker would be worse off.

The ASU is going to make sure the government keeps this promise.

Despite Greater Western Water management’s efforts to reduce the employment conditions of workers who previously worked for Western Water, The ASU is by members side in their fight to retain their existing conditions.

Greater Western Water management wants to move former Western Water staff to the City West Water agreement with individual flexibility agreements for staff who would lose conditions because of the move.

The big problem is that the individual flexibility agreements don’t include all the conditions that ASU members currently have – Greater Western Water management has just picked a few conditions and others would be lost forever.

Without the ASU, workers at Greater Western Water would just see their employment conditions reduced overnight.

We won’t accept ASU members being worse off just because two water authorities merged.

The union is now asking Industrial Relations Victoria to intervene to make sure Greater Western Water delivers on the Victorian Government’s promise.

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