Some important workplace matters are happening at St John Ambulance.

Excessive Workloads
Members have advised the ASU that they are extremely concerned about their workloads and the workloads of their colleagues.

Our understanding is that additional support has been provided to some staff that have raised concerns about excessive workloads but not to others.

The ASU has raised this issue with St John HR Sharyn Daniels on several occasions. Sharyn has now advised that the following process should be followed if staff have concerns about their workloads.

“If staff feel they require additional assistance through the process and/or have concerns about workload, in the first instance they should contact their line manager to discuss and provide details of the issue/s. The line manager can review workload and determine if work can be reassigned or delayed. It may also be determined that there is a requirement for a short-term temp whilst we work through the process. If the staff member does not feel their concern has been addressed they can contact me, Naomi or representative to seek a resolution.”

If you are concerned about your workload please ensure that you follow this process (in writing) and advise the ASU (Kath Milbourne) as soon as possible if your concerns are not appropriately addressed.

Restructure proposal feedback
After consideration of the proposed changes and proposed PDs it is vital that you provide your feedback in writing to St John even if the changes don’t directly impact you.

Please also forward your feedback to the ASU (Kath Milbourne) so that we can collate all of the ASU feedback.

For further information about any of the above please contact:
ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne | 0429 004 237 |

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