ASU Delegates are the essential link between the ASU and the membership within each workplace. Effective delegates can identify issues and provide information to the ASU to ensure that members’ rights and conditions are protected.


Delegates can provide representation, support and advice to members as well as building the union through providing information and raising the awareness of union issues with staff.


An ASU Delegate is someone who is your representative and is nominated and elected by you.


Spectrum is currently operating under the Multicultural Home Support Service & Disability Support Service Enterprise Bargain Agreement which expired in 2015. With no workplace delegates you need to recruit new delegates and start to build the membership within the organization to place yourselves in a position of strength when the new Agreement negotiations commence.


ASU member Alex Kakafikas has nominated to become an ASU Delegate.


If there are any objections please email by Friday 30 November. If no objections are received Alex Kakafikas will be declared elected as an ASU Delegate.


Alex has already demonstrated a willingness to step up to represent ASU members in your workplace and used his initiative.


Alex has asked that his contact details be shared with members in this newsletter;
0406 864 470 |


We would also like to hear from you and encourage you to consider nominating as a delegate too.


For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karrie Bowe | 0400 917 845 |

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