Your ASU bargaining team received a reply from Council management last week after tabling the endorsed counter-offer at last week’s meeting. The offer has not yet reached the redlines that you set. In particular, the superannuation claim of 1% above the SCG for all employees has not yet been met.

The bargaining team meet again tomorrow. Council can end this and meet the superannuation claim to resolve negotiations. To do so would cost little to Council but would provide all current employees with competitive superannuation.

Protected Action Ballot
ASU members will receive a ballot from the Australian Electoral Commission in early October. By voting “yes” in a Protected Action Ballot, you are not committing to taking industrial action. Rather, you are agreeing that employees should have the right to do so if required as a last resort. Before taking any action members will be consulted and decide collectively.

Remember: Voting in a ballot is confidential as is being a union member.

You can access the ASU How to Vote Card here.

DON’T DELAY: Try to return your postal vote as soon as you can after receiving it due to postage delays.

An information sheet from the AEC with the list of protected actions can be downloaded here.

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What is Industrial Action and who can participate? For more information, click here.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor |

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