Your ASU Organiser and Delegates have been negotiating your EBA on your behalf since October. While we haven’t achieved everything we wanted to, we have made some significant improvements.

With the state wages policy deadline looming we have dropped some claims to achieve the best wages outcome for this agreement.

In May the Treasurer announced changes to the state wages policy taking effect in January next year. The major change affecting you was the reduction of the guaranteed wage increase of 2% to 1.5%.

This had an enormous impact on negotiations and the speed at which they were conducted. Your bargaining representatives committed many hours of time to work through and get the best outcome for you with limited time.

We have achieved some good improvements:

  • Increases to parental leave entitlements
  • Payment for all periods of telemetry
  • Overtime commitments
  • Standby rate increases
  • Payment for exec staff who must answer phone calls after hours

There have been some things that we have disagreed on through the course of negotiations, such as limitations and managements right to revoke RDO entitlements, however, we have developed a working EBA that members should be proud of.

We have now progressed the process to ensure we don’t miss out on the best possible wage increase for you and will be out in the new year to discuss this with you in person.

For further information please contact: ASU Delegates, Brian Wigg, Hugh Sullivan or
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton | 0475 553 996 |

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