ASU members have overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed SEW enterprise agreement, bringing to an end many months of negotiations. 

The new agreement provides significant improvements to your terms and conditions, with no significant trade offs. 

Key features of the Agreement include: 

  • 3% wage increase, each year for a term of four years. 
  • One off paid lump sum payment approximately $4948 for full time staff before tax, pro rata for part time staff 
  • A Lump Sum Patience in Bargaining payment. This will be approximately $1100 per FTE, pro rata for part time. 
  • 1% top of band payment, payable annually to staff who are ineligible to progress due to being at the top of band. 

Full details can be found here 

ASU representatives are now reviewing the draft agreement. Once the final wording is agreed, it will then go to a ballot of all SEW staff. Assuming that ballot is successful, it will then go to the Fair Work Commission for ratification. Once that happens, the agreement will then come into effect, with payrises backdated to June 30. 

None of this would have been possible without the tireless work of your fantastic ASU delegates at South East Water – Megan Adams, Renee Adams, Marco Mandarino, Tom Hillebrand, Chloe Ladiges, and Chris Collins.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your delegates, or organiser Matt Price at 

Talk to a colleague today about the importance of union membership. New members can join here 

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