South East Water EA update and LWS restructure

EA update 

ASU and SEW have been finalising the wording of the enterprise agreement. It is with government pending final approval, and after that it will go to a ballot of all SEW staff. If successful, it will then go to the Fair Work Commission for final endorsement, and then the pay rises will be applied. 

LWS restructure 

SEW have written to the ASU to advise of a restructure of the Liveable Water Solutions (LWS) team. 

Full details of the proposal can be found here.

Under your SEW enterprise agreement, management are obliged to consult with the union and staff about significant change, and you have a right to provide feedback, and to have that feedback considered. 

The ASU has concerns about one aspect of the proposal, that would see four management roles filled by “partners”. These people are not SEW employees, so they are not bound by SEW policies or the code of conduct. We believe that it is not appropriate for them to have a role that includes managing SEW staff. 

We are also concerned that the timelines for consultation are inadequate, with less than a week for feedback to be provided, considered, and responded to. 

We will be expressing these concerns to management. 

If you have any feedback, concerns, or questions about the proposal, please send them to Matt Price at 

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