Following our members meeting on Thursday, ASU bargaining reps met with management seeking changes on several matters raised by members. The outcome of these discussions are as follows: 

  • Front loading of pay rises – South East Water stated that Treasury will not allow frontloading 
  • 1% top of band payment – This will be available to all employees at the top of the band who meet their performance measures. Exactly the same criteria as staff who progress through the pay points. This will be written in the Agreement. 
  • Overtime/Time in Lieu – All OT/TIL will be recorded on the payroll system. The employee will decide whether they choose to be paid OT or take TIL 
  • RDO/Public Holidays – employees will be able to substitute any scheduled day, including those that fall on a public holiday, by providing 5 days’ notice. This can be done six times per year 
  • Higher duties – management stated government will not allow our proposed change, so HD arrangements to remain unchanged 
  • Annualised salaries – no change to clause 
  • Private use of vehicles – management declined to include this in the agreement. 

So there are some gains, and some matters are unchanged. A copy of the revised offer can be found here.

ASU bargaining representatives recommend this offer to members.  

Now it is over to you. ASU will not agree to any offer from management until we have majority support from members. You can have your say by voting here 

You will be required to enter your member number to ensure that only ASU members can vote. If you do not know what your member number is, please call the Union on 1300 855 570. 

Voting closes COB Wednesday June 28. 

If you have any questions, please contact your delegate, or Organiser Matt Price at 

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