The ASU’s online ballot on the South East Water Agreement will close at close-of-business on Wednesday afternoon.

The State Government has revised its Wages Policy, and SEW management have sought the view of the ASU regarding how we want to proceed with the South East Water EA 2022.

To have your say in the online ballot members are encouraged to complete this survey. To have your say, please click here.

Under the new wages policy, any public sector enterprise agreements that expire in 2022 can either be rolled over for one year with a 2% payrise, or we can negotiate a full agreement with annual payrises of 1.5%.

The ASU does not agree with or condone this policy, and we have made this clear to SEW management. But we are seeking your view as an indication of how to proceed.

To view the new wages policy, please click here.

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ASU Organiser Matt Price |

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