Voting commences on Monday to endorse the proposed rollover of the existing SEW Enterprise Agreement.

The proposed Agreement will see a single 2% pay rise, with no other significant changes. Bargaining for the next Agreement will commence later this year.

The reason we opted to go with the one year rollover at 2%, was because a change to Government Wages Policy on 1 December 2021 meant that wages outcomes would be reduced to 1.5%.

And when we surveyed you, our members at South East Water, you voted overwhelmingly to support the rollover proposal.

So now is the time to endorse this Agreement with the formal ballot of all staff.

The ASU recommends that members vote ‘yes’ to endorse this proposal.

In coming months we will commence meetings with members to start putting together our log of claims for the upcoming round of bargaining – stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Organiser Matt Price at

And talk to a colleague today about the importance of Union membership. New members can join online via this link (

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