The ASU is aware, through media reports, that the Sorell and Tasman merger is again on the table following the election of a new Council in Tasman.

The ASU remains concerned that any possible merger will result in job losses. Tasmania’s unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the country and it would be significantly higher than the state average in regional areas such as Sorell and Tasman council areas.  These communities can ill-afford to lose jobs.  Our members want to see their communities continue to be serviced appropriately through adequate staffing levels and appropriate spending where it is needed, not just where the majority of voting rate payers live.

We understand that Sorell Council entered into some discussion with employees during the last round of talks but we understand that some concerns remain unaddressed in both the employee group and the community in both council areas.

One of the main concerns is around the provision of services and the possible closure of offices and works depots. Historically, amalgamations in Tasmania have resulted in closures of office locations and works depots in the more regional areas and don’t see any reason that this proposal will be any different. Sorell and Tasman councils are already stretched to the limit and we don’t agree that amalgamation will result in efficiencies without affecting service provision in either community.

We have today written to each of the General Managers and Mayors as well as all elected Councillors of both Tasman and Sorell councils asking them to again immediately enter into a consultative process with their employees so that they can hear from the people who know best what impact amalgamation and job losses would have on their staff and the community.

We are also asking all Tasmanian council employees to complete the ASU Tasmanian local government amalgamation survey to let us know how you feel about possible future amalgamations in the state. We urge all members to share the survey with their colleagues so that we can get a significant response rate.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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