ASU members at Sorell Council should be proud of the effort that they put in during negotiations for your new EA. We held a successful protected action ballot and we came extremely close to getting the no vote on the EA; we needed just five more employees to vote no to get there.

Whilst many of you would have liked to get the no vote so we could continue discussions around the super payments there were significant wins in this EA for our members that we should all be proud of.

Some of the wins from this round of EA negotiations are:

  • Wage increases of 2.5% or CPI each year
  • Increased scope for taking disputes to the Fair Work Commission
  • A commitment to consult on major changes at the earliest opportunity
  • 10 days paid Family Violence Leave
  • Long Service Leave can now be used yearly after 10 years’ service
  • Increased On Call Allowance to $255 per week, increasing by $5 per year
  • Fixed the issue with working On Call on an RDO week
  • Delegate Training Leave now agreed
  • Casual conversion to permanent employment
  • Increased the casual loading to 25%
  • Higher Duties Allowance now to apply after one day or more
  • Far better access to TOIL
  • Fixed the Service Recognition payments
  • ADOs over the Christmas shutdown for all employees.
  • Non-Primary Carer Leave (after a baby is born) now accessible for 12 months, not 2 weeks.

In addition to the wins, you’ve shown management that you won’t take future attacks on your EA conditions lying down. ASU members at Sorell are willing to fight to achieve a better outcome. You have shown management just how strong and active ASU members at Sorell Council are. You had them scared, and we could see it.

Let’s keep the focus on the positives and work towards our next EA negotiations; Active, Strong and United!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |


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