ASU members have been campaigning for urgent action on classifications and pay. Sadly, the Smith Family’s recent proposal won’t solve anything until 2027 or 2028. Find out more at the Bargaining Update on 23 November.

What’s in management’s proposal?
The Smith Family wants to wrap up bargaining without making any serious attempts to fix the classification problem. They are asking members to accept:

  • 2 years of below inflation & minimum wage pay increases with no back pay.
  • A management-led process to completely rewrite classifications between now and the next enterprise agreement.
  • No reclassifications until 2027 or 2028, after the next enterprise agreement is negotiated.

There’s a better way to fix this problem
ASU members need urgent action. This is what the Smith Family can do right now to solve this problem.

  • Immediately apply the 5.75% SCHD Award pay increase and back pay to 1 July 2023.
  • Continue negotiating for industry-leading pay increases to make the Smith Family an employer of choice.
  • Adopt the industry standard SCHDS Award classification structure in the new Agreement.
  • Review each program jointly with the ASU to ensure that everyone is properly classified.

Find out more about our plan to win at our Bargaining Update
Thursday 23 November
TIME: 1pm

Together, as ASU members we can win a fair enterprise agreement for all The Smith Family employees. So, make sure to join today at https:\\

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