Showing solidarity with your colleagues and fellow union members is one of the most powerful tools in the union movement. As the saying goes, “Touch one—Touch all!”  Union members at the ASRC have been advocating for job security for three paralegals with lived experience of being a refugee currently employed on rolling short-term contracts. Employing any worker on rolling short-term contracts, rather than providing long-term job security, robs them of key conditions, such as redundancy and parental leave, and leaves them vulnerable to stress and trauma. Adding job insecurity on top of the inherent insecurity that comes with having a refugee status in Australia is unacceptable. Please see the letter the ASU sent to Management last week.

We are asking all staff at the ASRC to show solidarity with their colleagues by taking one or more of the following actions

  1. Sign the petition This petition is private and will only be open to ASRC staff members.
  2. Send this email to your non-union member colleagues at the ASRC and encourage them to follow sign the petition too.
  3. Support the ASU’s latest state-wide campaign—Our Community Needs Job Security. This campaign is focused on getting a jobs code in the sector which would make it harder to employ workers on short-term contracts unless the role is truly short-term. Click here for ways to get involved.

Want a stronger union and a better workplace? Talk to a colleague about joining the ASU today via

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell | 0409 258 943 |

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