The State Government is planning to bring back drive tests as soon as it is safe to do so, and work toward this is well underway.

The ASU has written to Government expressing our concerns around this and requesting a thorough consultation process with Union delegates at VicRoads.

We have a short survey to get members’ feedback and have scheduled an online for discussion for members Monday 26 May 6:00pm, register for the session here.

We have had suggestions from members about how drive tests could be safely re-introduced.

These include:

  • LTO given the right to cancel the test if they feel unsafe.
  • N95 masks to be provided to all participants.
  • Disposable gloves provided to all participants
  • Learner tests must be paper-based.
  • Maximum 2 people in the vehicle at once – LTO & applicant
  • VicRoads vehicles only – no private or driving instructor vehicles
  • Must allow a minimum of 30 minutes for cleaning vehicles between tests
  • LTOs who are vulnerable or immunocompromised, or with vulnerable or immunocompromised family members may refuse to do tests
  • The drive test appointment should be extended where necessary, and not rushed if the applicant is late
  • Additional time allocated if the applicant has a limited understanding of English.
  • Non-contact temperature testing mandated before al tests

Resumption of testing to be phased in over several weeks

Should drive tests resume?

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