The ASU has met back with SoC management a couple of weeks and we they have put their final offer on the table. This is their offer:

Option 1:

Rollover the agreement (no changes but make it Fair Work Commission compliant)
3 Year Agreement

Pay offer:
Year 1 – 2%.
Year 2 – 2%
Year 3 – 2%

Council are not offering a minimum dollar ate with the % offer.

  • Council are willing to pay the patching truck assistants the maintenance allowance on the days they assist with cleaning maintenance on the trucks.
  • Council want to abolish the 6 cylinder motor vehicle allowance rate for all employees and freeze the 4 cylinder motor vehicle allowance rate.
  • Council will back pay to February 2019 upon successful vote and lodgement of the EBA with the Fair Work Commission.
  • Council will increase the oncall rate for Aged and disability from $25 per day to $30 per day and $50 to $55 per day on public holidays.
  • Increase the redundancy lump sum payment from $5k to $7k, removing the outplacement services payment.

The ASU strongly encourages all members to come to the meetings listed and provide feedback and direction with regards to the above offer. We have approved paid meetings for these times:

All meetings are on Thursday 14 March

Outdoor/Depot Workers
8am – 9am
Tongala Depot. Lunch Room

Echuca Civic Centre meeting
10am – 11am
Echuca Library
Library Function Room.

HACC workers meeting
4pm – 5pm
Echuca Civic Centre
Function Room

For further information please contact
ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood | 0417 516 568 |

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