ASU delegates and officials are recommending a yes vote on the proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA).

It delivers pay increases of 1.8% or $28 per week, whichever is greater – back paid to 1 July 2020.

The EA will be in place for four years.

One important new change that the ASU wants members to be aware of is the introduction of a soft compulsion clause for superannuation, at Clause 7.3.5.

The effect of this clause is that 0.5% a year of your salary automatically is added into your superannuation account, rather than into your take-home pay. This amount increases by 0.5% a year, to a maximum of 3%.

Important to note – if this arrangement does not suit you can opt-out, put more into your super, or change the percentage amount – once a year.

ASU delegates and officials will be talking to HR about communication to staff on this.

If you want to change this arrangement – to see more, less or none of your pay rise automatically added to your super – you must let council know.

Other changes to the EA include:

  • Leave without pay to be granted to workers suffering significant pregnancy-related illness, without needing to exhaust other leave entitlements.
  • Pressing Necessity leave may now be taken on a declared Code Red Day if workers require time away from normal work.

We acknowledge the hard work of your ASU workplace delegates in getting the EA across the line!

Please pass this important info on to co-workers and if they aren’t yet an ASU member, ask them to join at

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