Your ASU representatives attended the consultative committee (PDCC) meeting on Thursday 19 October.

Agenda items tables by your representatives were:

Asbestos Removal from Welsford Street: Members had expressed concerns regarding the removal of asbestos at Welsford St. Your representatives had been actively engaged in discussions regarding this issue. We are pleased to report that the work is near completion and all air testing results have come back clear.

Update on silica management: Thanks to the diligent work of your DRC ASU Delegate and HSR, Fred Zito, we successfully halted dry concrete cutting and grinding due to the risk of silica exposure to workers. We requested an update on the progress of complying with the new Regulations. Council advised health checks and machinery modifications were underway to ensure the protection of our members.

Machinery lock-out procedures: Your ASU representatives highlighted that the current machinery lock-out policy is not in compliance with legislation. Members have the right to lock out machinery due to environmental reasons such as cleanliness issues from animal faeces.

Frequency of PDCC meetings: We heard your concerns about the frequency of PDCC meetings. Your ASU representatives successfully secured an agreement to hold these meetings every two months, providing a more regular platform for addressing your concerns.

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