There’s lots of expectation on essential workers right now to meet all sorts of community needs as a result of the pandemic.

Some workplaces are meeting this challenge in ways that support workers better than others.

Some of you have advocated for specific ways your employers can support their workforces at this time – such as extra paid leave, flexible working arrangements, allowances to cover increased costs of working from home, proper consultation around safety and other changes in the workplace.

As a union we don’t always hear the good news stories, but we want to hear all about it!

We’ll share the examples of good practice back on our COVID resource page so other members can use this for their own advocacy with their workplaces.

The more info you share, the more other members can benefit from the good stories!

And the better workers are supported, the better off the sector is overall.

For more info on your rights and other Pandemic Resources go to the ASU Community Sector COVID Resource Page:

SACS Good COVID Practice

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