All workers have a right to workplace safety, and you can play a part in making your workplace safer for everyone.

Sexual harassment is a work health and safety issue. Employers have a responsibility to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace, and need policies for dealing with complaints, ensuring safety and confidentiality.

Here’s an example of how you can make a difference.

Recently the ASU identified that sexual harassment and equal opportunities policies and procedures at a local council in Victoria aren’t up to standard.

The union asked council to review and update policy and procedures as a matter of urgency.

And here in Tasmania, ASU Organisers have been supporting delegates and members who are tackling issues like this – if you’re concerned that your employer’s policies and procedures are out of date, get in touch!

Our union is at the front of tackling sexual harassment and other gender inequities, and members have a real part in this important work.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment, discrimination or victimisation at work or have concerns your workplace isn’t handling these matters adequately, contact the ASU office on 1300 855 570 or or talk to your local ASU delegate.

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